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As 2019 starts to pick up, the wholesale hemp biomass demand is increasing along with the available supply. Available supply of wholesale hemp biomass and the increasing demands continue to remain in a constant state of flux, as state and federal laws start to settle in. American farmers are getting to work and are excited about the growing opportunities.

Navigating the precise complexities in obtaining reliable sourcing, may present certain challenges – as demand for wholesale hemp biomass continues rising. 04:20 Inc is a hemp consulting agency ready to help you solve operation challenges in buying and selling reliable wholesale hemp biomass.

Where To Buy And Sell Quality Wholesale Hemp Biomass In 2019

To properly understand what is wholesale hemp biomass, what’s it used for, and how best to buy and/or sell quality hemp biomass – requires a few foundational pieces of information.

It’s relatively quick to understand what is wholesale hemp biomass and its potential investment application for farmers, extraction labs, processing facilities and more.

The first initial challenge may be in locating and maintaining a stable supply of top quality organic wholesale hemp biomass – from reputable suppliers.

Questions to understand how to best buy and sell wholesale hemp biomass include:

  • Where to buy industrial hemp biomass wholesale?
  • What is biomass?
  • What is biomass used for?
  • What is hemp biomass?
  • Advantages of hemp biomass?
  • Farmer: wholesale hemp biomass for farmers?
  • Investor: wholesale hemp biomass for investors?
  • Processors: wholesale hemp biomass for processors?
  • Labs: wholesale hemp biomass for labs?
  • Where to sell wholesale hemp biomass?

If your question isn’t on the list above, contact an experience hemp consulting firm at 04:20 Inc to help answer more specific or timely questions – pertinent to maintaining smooth operations.

Where to buy industrial hemp biomass wholesale?

Where to buy industrial hemp biomass wholesale can present challenges – depending on certain factors.

In order to locate where to buy industrial hemp biomass wholesale requires a specific process in the verifying purchaser funds, seller stock, and more.

A quick Google search will reveal a handful of options in where to buy industrial hemp biomass wholesale. Navigating how and where to buy legitimate quality hemp biomass can be confusing and require an experienced purchaser and/or seller.

04:20 Inc is an experience hemp consulting agency ready to answer your questions and connect you to the source of hemp biomass – best suited for your needs.

Most states will have slightly different procedures in how they handle buying and selling process of hemp biomass. In order to protect your investment from unknown elements, consulting with an industrial hemp expert could save you time, money, and potential legal issues.

Having a hemp consulting agency on your team can help you quickly connect with trusted buyers and sellers, to help make your business operations move forward with as little resistance as possible.

What is biomass?

What is biomass is the “waste” material from plants (or animals). This waste material is usually not to be eaten as food for humans or animal feed.

Biomass can be various waste material from:

  • Farming.
  • Horticulture.
  • Food processing.
  • Animal farming.
  • Even human waste.

There are many specific types of biomass. Specific biomass includes wood chips, garbage, corn, and more. Over 44% of biomass is wood (logs, sawdust, bark, chips, etc).

Different biomass is used for different reasons.

What is biomass used for?

What is biomass used for includes a variety of industrial processes, meeting differing market demands.

Industrial biomass is involved in energy production, making certain chemicals, and more. Biomass can also be converted into liquid fuel (biofuel) to power vehicles and machinery.

Other uses for biomass includes burning it to produce heat for buildings and to create electricity.

Advantages of biomass are it’s renewable, adds value of using “waste” to your advantage, growing biomass creates oxygen, and much more.

What is hemp biomass?

What is hemp biomass is referring to dried hemp plant materials (post-harvest) – ready for processing.

Other definitions of what is hemp biomass includes the hemp stalk and/or spend bud flowers (after extraction).

Carl Lehrburger more accurately defines hemp biomass as the non-food and non-medicinal parts of the plant. Non-food and non-medicinal parts of the hemp plant are the stalk, stems, and remaining leaves.

Each part of the hemp plant has specific applications and functional abilities – for each market.

Hemp biomass is essentially the leftover plant materials, after the hemp flowers are both harvested and processed. The hemp waste, aka by-product or biomass, are the stalks and leaves and are used as energy, fuel, and much more.

Even though hemp biomass is mostly used to create fuel, some production teams will use the hemp by-product to further process it and extract CBD distillates, CBD isolates, and/or hemp oil.

Prepared dried hemp biomass is able to produce several useful components for several industries.

Details below for specific industries looking to either buy or sell wholesale hemp biomass.

Farmer: wholesale hemp biomass for farmers?

Hemp farmers can grow large amounts of hemp – throughout the growing season – and have options with how to proceed with their harvested crop.

A few business decision options hemp farmers have includes:

  • Selling wholesale hemp biomass or pre-processed plants.
  • Processing the harvest on-site – via in-house equipment.
  • Splitting yield output and/or profits with extraction labs.
  • And more.

When it comes time to harvest, experienced farmers have already made the decision on how the harvest is processed.

Pre-selling your hemp crop can involve challenges in making initial connections with those ready to buy wholesale hemp biomass – right now.

If you’re a new or experienced hemp farmer looking to expand your post-harvest options, contact 04:20 Inc to discuss strategy.

04:20 Inc is a hemp consulting agency with connections throughout the hemp and hemp industry. Contacting a hemp consulting firm will help get you in touch with those looking to connect with hemp farmers.

Investor: wholesale hemp biomass for investors?

Investing in wholesale hemp biomass is making progress since President Donald Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill.

Some states will need more time to update laws to align with federal law. Idaho one example where hemp has a very strict definition of hemp. Early 2019, hemp in Idaho is currently defined as 0.0000% THC, with zero trace amounts.

In states with more fair and realistic hemp laws, investors can begin to start looking at the long-term profit potential towards investing in wholesale hemp biomass. Investing in wholesale hemp biomass gives you the advantage of processing raw hemp into several product potentials for retail, wholesale, or private label offers.

There are many phases of the hemp product lifecycle to focus resources on that can produce a sizable ROI.

Investor ROI potential: In Colorado alone, farmers can plant up to 2,5000 hemp plants per acre – yielding approximately $60,000 in return. Reports are stating Colorado farmland have around 14,000 acres registered to hemp production. Colorado hemp farms are projecting to make up to $840 million – when operating at current optimal levels.

Hemp CBD is a growing area of interest for investors. Investing in wholesale hemp biomass can lead to extracting CBD oil and other CBD products from hemp to sell in several markets.

There are numerous parts of the hemp plant that can yield multiple sources of potential ROI. Consulting with 04:20 Inc can help you answer more specific questions about how best to invest in wholesale hemp biomass and maintain long-term “safe” profitability.

Processors: wholesale hemp biomass for processors?

Processing wholesale hemp biomass is one of the first phases in the manufacturing pipeline. After the farmers have harvested the mature crop, the next step is processing raw hemp materials.

Since raw hemp has a versatile nature, the raw hemp material can initially process into a variety of basic raw products.

Hemp’s diversity allows processing to include:

  • Decorticating.
  • Bio-refining.
  • Pressing.
  • Grinding.
  • Extracting.
  • And more.

From each processing method will yield different raw hemp products to further refine into specific retail products.

Find out more about each type of wholesale hemp biomass processing by contacting 04:20 Inc to schedule a hemp consult.

Labs: wholesale hemp biomass for labs?

Most processing labs offering extraction services will give you multiple choices in how you want to process and extract specific parts of your wholesale hemp biomass.

Wholesale hemp biomass processing and extraction labs can charge by the pound of output extraction, other upfront fees, or if you have access to proper connections – extraction labs can offer 50/50 product, profit splitting, or other creative win/win situations.

Each hemp biomass extraction lab is different and may require an experienced hemp consulting firm to help you navigate options. A hemp extraction lab can use one of several available extraction methods – yielding a large range of results and potential options for further processing.

Extraction methods require different solvents, equipment, and safety procedures – resulting in price differences. Some methods of extracting are safer and others require several steps to ensure a quality and safe end product.

End products extraction labs can convert your wholesale hemp biomass into are CBD isolates, distillates, full-spectrum oils, and much more.

Hemp consulting firm 04:20 Inc can help you answer questions about technical aspects in the extraction process.

Advantages of hiring a hemp consulting firm?

What are the advantages of hiring a hemp consulting firm to guide your wholesale hemp biomass purchase can include several areas of expertise.

04:20 Inc is a hemp consulting firm working directly with several types of companies, seeking to buy and/or sell wholesale hemp biomass.

Quality hemp consulting firms have partnerships with and work to help:

  • Large scale or experience hemp farmers.
  • Hemp cultivators.
  • Hemp processors.
  • Labs.
  • Registered agents.
  • Cooperative.
  • Investment group.
  • Or other ancillary company needing large amounts of wholesale hemp biomass.

Hemp companies seeking to source and distribute wholesale hemp biomass, across the United States, can take advantage of hemp consulting agencies with established relationships.

04:20 Inc helps facilitate “off-take” agreements in buying and selling wholesale hemp biomass (low THC) for processing.

An off-take agreement is a common type of deal made between hemp producers and buyers. This agreement is to buy/sell an agreed upon amount of the future hemp production.

Having access to a hemp consulting firm gives you the advantage of connecting you with opportunities to make off-take – future contract. This contract authorizes hemp farmers to pre-sell their crop before harvest.

Before you contact 04:20 Inc hemp consulting agency, all applicants must have proper qualifications. Proper qualification verifications for production capability, purchase funds, and intent is required before discussing pricing.

No matter if your interests are to process wholesale hemp biomass or your looking to purchase to process into CBD oil – or any other type of product, hiring a hemp consulting firm can help you save both time and money.

Where to sell industrial hemp?

There are two basic formulas in going about selling your hemp crop.

The first method is to pre-sell your hemp harvest – before you even plant the seeds. And the second option is to try an find a buyer near the end of growing season.

No matter where you’re at, hiring a hemp consulting firm can speed up the time it takes to find a qualified buyer – seeking wholesale hemp biomass.

04:20 Inc is an experienced hemp consulting agency ready to answer your questions and connect you to the source of hemp biomass – best suited for your needs.

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