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From the High Chief: Capitalism’s Romance with Cannabis

You look at a holiday like Memorial Day and begin to realize how lucky we really are. The sacrifices made by so many brave American soldiers allow us the freedom to pursue what it is that makes us happy and ...

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From the High Chief: Vermont Makes America Even Greater

For the longest time it was common knowledge in New England that the best growers of cannabis were in Vermont. I remember being a 15 year old kid and seeing some home grown weed from way up north my cousin ...

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From the High Chief: The Synthetic Weed Epidemic

Over the last decade many chemists have been spraying potpourri with chemicals that try to mimic a euphoric high given off by THC. The results have been catastrophic! Living in Florida as long as I did I came across all ...

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From the High Chief: Interstate Commerce Will be Dry States First Legal Means of Selling Marijuana

If you are a transplant to Colorado like myself and find yourself exiting to a border state such as Kansas it can actually change your entire outlook on life. No more carefree consumption like you've grown accustomed to! Utah, Wyoming, ...

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From the High Chief: Cannabis Will Replace Tobacco in One Generation

Twenty years or so from now in 2040 there will be an entire generation entering the workforce that will have grown up cannabis friendly without having poisonous tobacco products as their only choice for smoke or chew. This will be ...

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From the CEO: Weed Lounges – Coming to a City Near You

A piece of legislature I was very proud to vote on here in Denver that passed was Initiative 300 which passed like we all knew it would. This little gem will allow cannabis lounges to open up for recreational usage ...

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From the CEO: What happens when patent #6630507 is released?

It's no secret that for too long our government has held the key to legalizing cannabis. Nobody has the exact reason but industries such as tobacco, alcohol, paper, cordage, logging, oil and of course the pharmaceuticals to name a few ...

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From the CEO: How to Decimate the Cartel

They make 100's of billions a year off such pleasures as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, ecstasy, LSD and obviously marijuana. If every day American citizens had the opportunity to obtain that item that they are dead set on getting, legally, there ...

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From the CEO: Why Big Pharma is Scared to Death of Cannabis

Marijuana has been the go to medication for 10,000 plus years on this planet until only very recently. Everything works in cycles and cannabis is poised to be front page news nationwide again. This time for all The right reasons....

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From the CEO: Attorney General Sessions is Being Crucified by the Media

Jeff Sessions, is being crucified by much of the cannabis community for comments he made yesterday. "Most of you probably know I don’t think America is going to be a better place when more people of all ages and particularly young ...

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Advocate & CBD Spa Owner Cindy Sovine Fights for Initiative 300, Cannabis Rights

Cindy Sovine of Sovine Consulting and Utopia Spa & Wellness Lounge is without a doubt a true “leader” and trailblazer. She does not follow the path walked by others, she looks to take the difficult path that not too many would dare to walk down because of all the obstacles …

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How to Invest in Hemp Farms

Americans have all wanted to know how to invest in hemp farms since the 2018 Farm Bill was signed. The time to capitalize is right now in 2019 and sitting back one year could mean you’re missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime that may never come again.

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