Social Media Management

for Cannabis Businesses

In 2019 content creation is king, and in the hemp industry, it is even more important because of the tight restrictions on advertising ownership faces. About 90% of all companies operating currently do content creation of some sort but only 30% of it is done effectively to produce a return on investment. So what is the difference between the companies that are killing it and the ones that are throwing their money away? It’s one simple reason: they do not have an effective strategy in place that is based around a consistent delivery.

Growing Your Social Channels

It varies state by state, but most have some form of advertising that has been prohibited in regards to hemp content creation. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media channels have shown erratic behavior towards the industry. Facebook has closed down countless accounts that are hemp related and so many of those are 100% legal in their state. Companies that sink money into marketing on a social media platform or anything other than their own are running the risk of having it all disappear one day without warning. The answer is simple: invest heavily in your own website’s content and solidify a home to properly build your brand. From there you begin to use social media to drive traffic back to the site you are in control of.


  • These are on the front lines of the industry and are the only license that is allowed to retail to the the general public or medical patients. They draw huge crowds and ring that register from bell to bell. These are the only companies that have the opportunity to sell directly to the consumer at a retail price and need constant online traffic to differentiate themselves from competitors.


  • These are without a doubt the backbone of the industry and the competition is fierce. It doesn’t matter if you are retailing it to the public or wholesaling it to MIP’S and dispensaries, the buyer wants to see what it looks like up close and the specific data tied to it before they place an order.


  • Brand awareness and recognition are paramount to the success of your manufactured product line. Unless you are truly exceptional in the uniqueness of your product line, you will be one of a handful of companies offering similar products to the dispensaries. If you plan on making Co2 oil or wax there will be double to triple digit competitors in that field. What are you going to do to set yourself apart?


  • The industry’s proof and needs to exude professionalism and trust like you would expect. So few labs are even doing their marketing on social media so it’s truly a chance to set yourself apart from your immediate competition.


  • The circulatory system of the industry and these are the companies making sure products arrive safely and on time. You’d want to show how competent your team is and how efficiently they work together in unison. Wholesalers want to feel like their product is going straight to its destination and not to a park to play frisbee golf.


  • Solving problems are what these companies form up around, and due to their uniqueness, it’s impossible to pinpoint one particular similarity or common thread between them. You need to keep this in mind: don’t reveal anything critical about your product until it’s ready for action. There are a million entrepreneurs looking for an advantage that will catapult them to a canna-millionaire. Don’t let it be your idea!

Social Media Strategy

Because of laws put in place the Cannabis industry has to adjust it’s marketing strategies. Many companies employ full time social media managers, or they hire a firm that specializes in that to maximize their presence and to ensure engagement with the audience they are working so hard to build a relationship with. Our dispensary consultants encounter this struggle on practically every visit with a client and it is one of their greatest concerns. Where can they wisely spend their money on marketing and advertising that will actual work? Do they write a check to their local areas “free” weekly publication that has 1,000 other advertisements surrounding theirs and offering pretty much the same deals? What about spending it with one of the many magazine’s that circulate throughout the city or state they are located in? Sure, it may get dropped off at 25,000 stores but who is actual taking the time to read your advertisement? If they do read it and end up landing on your companies home page, you may unintentionally scare them off by having poorly managed content that does nothing to keep their attention. The only strategy to prevent that is to make sure you are creating content that will make sure your potential audience will respond positively the first time they visit your website or a social media page. This will build the most important thing a company needs to last and that is trust.

Building Trust

The hemp industry has been and always will be built on trust and it’s very difficult to trust someone you do not like. This hemp related content you are creating has to accomplish those two things in order for it to be a worthwhile investment. So many companies that have created a cult following have built it upon those two pillars alone. Once you have established exactly who your target audience is, your content can be tailored for a custom fit. Which will always feel and work better than a one size fits all approach that was very popular 15 years ago. Consumers are much more impatient now and you only have a few seconds to capture their attention and keep them on your page.

Making the decision to invest in your own companies infrastructure is without a doubt the wisest move for you. When it comes to your website the content that it provides is what will create value of it. It’s never going to be about quantity, it will always be about quality. Making sure that keyword phrases are taken into account when it’s being crafted will ensure a favorable ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. This is achieved by strategically planning what will go into place and where when your content is being developed by us. Make sure you choose your words wisely as they are the first indicator of a companies competency and ability to operate and execute successfully when it’s seen digitally.

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