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While it will vary from state to state, and is sometimes affected by local government, most social media companies allow cannabis companies to engage and maintain a professional presence on their platforms so long as they adhere to certain guidelines.

If your company is already on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube social media channels you probably understand, if not have experiences learning that these platforms are not afraid to deactivate and/or restrict both users and businesses from using all and some of the features when they feel your post go against “Community Standards” or equivalent.

Facebook specifically has been known to target Hemp companies for offering product purchasing, despite the fact that CBD is 100% federally legal.

Companies that sink money into marketing, organic or paid, on social media will always run the risk of losing that marketing collateral without warning. The answer to this is simple: invest heavily in your own website’s content and generate the kind of user engagement that will properly build your brand.

We use social media to drive traffic back to a site you are in control of.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy

Because of advertising regulations in the cannabis industry, it’s important that your marketing team have experience in the cannabis industry – a marketer might be THE BEST widget marketer that ever walked the earth but they will face quite the learning curve on your dime.

Many cannabis companies stack social media management activities on senior employees that have little or no professional marketing experience. The other big alternative we see are companies that hire freelancers that aren’t capable of analyzing reports and metrics in such a way that grows the company.

We see the most success with companies that hire a firm like 0420 Inc. with relevant industry experience to maximize their online presence and to ensure engagement with the audience by implementing comprehensive organic marketing campaigns.

0420 Inc. Consultants

Our dispensary consultants encounter this struggle on practically every visit with a client and it is one of their greatest concerns. Where can they wisely spend their money on marketing and advertising that will actual work?

Do they write a check to their local areas “free” weekly publication that has 1,000 other advertisements surrounding theirs and offering pretty much the same deals? What about spending it with one of the many magazine’s that circulate throughout the city or state they are located in?

Sure, it may get dropped off at 25,000 stores but who is actual taking the time to read your advertisement? If they do read it and end up landing on your companies home page, you may unintentionally scare them off by having poorly managed content that does nothing to keep their attention.

The only strategy to prevent that is to make sure you are creating content that will make sure your potential audience will respond positively the first time they visit your website or a social media page. This will build the most important thing a company needs to last and that is trust.

Building Trust

The cannabis industry has been and always will be built on trust. It’s very difficult to trust someone you don’t like, can’t relate to, and generally don’t connect with. This cannabis related content you are creating has to accomplish those two things in order for it to be a worthwhile investment. Many companies that have successfully created a cult following have built it upon those two pillars alone.

Once you can establish exactly who your target audience is – your content can easily be tailored to communicate your brand messaging in a way that easy for your audience to digest. There is no one size fits all approach like there was 15 years ago. Consumers are much more tech savvy and impatient when it comes to advertising. You only have a few seconds to capture their attention and keep them from scrolling forward.

Investing in Your Brand

Making the decision to invest in the future of your company means investing in the infrastructure that is meant to support future growth. Creating social awareness and engagement around your brand activities generates repeat business consistently.

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