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Cannabis Industry Solutions are our specialty and it is worth covering the possibilities out there for us to help you or your company out of a pinch. Solving problems in this dynamic and ever changing market takes a team with an advanced understanding of the inner workings and nuances of each legal market. Finding that team is a challenge to any business owner and in cannabis it is even more difficult.

We’re the solution you’ve been looking for on all fronts. In addition to the primary services we offer above, we also offering consulting services in:

Cannabis Sales Team Building/Training

This is our specialty above all else. Make sure you and your team are as effective as possible selling the plant in all it’s forms. Flower, wet and dry trim, concentrates, oils, edibles, topicals and different cannabinoids than just THC and CBD.

Budtender Management Training

You rely on your Marijuana Dispensary Budtenders to operate your dispensary day-in and day-out. More often than not, the ability to trust your employees is just as valuable as their professional background. We’re here to ensure that the people you entrust with your company are qualified and prepared to handle any number of issues that they face while representing your brand on the front lines. We also provide single services that target specific stakeholder goals such as team building, technology training, change management, and more.

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Cultivation Productivity

Nothing will ruin a grows net profit quicker than poor yields and bad harvests. Let us do the dirty work and maximize your grows potential. From seed to sale we will consult to make the process much more predictable and that is what every gross strives for.

Extraction Equipment

There are so many different machines circulating right now. Let us help narrow down the search provide you with some reputable manufacturing companies. Do you know what you’re looking for already or do you need to know what is possible? These machines cost as much as a house many times so make sure your company makes the correct decisions before signing the check for six figures.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to market a product or service. We possess a list unlike any other and can tailor campaigns to target a specific demographic of owners, managers, budtenders, growers or extractors.

Ingredient Sourcing

We help many companies by sourcing contacts for their ingredients for them. Being in Denver grants us the luxury of having a vast list of connections at our fingertips. If it’s triple distilled MCT oil to use for vaping or the pens that they put the finished product in, we’ve got you covered.

Decrease Carbon Footprint

Grows require a tremendous amount of energy to operate properly. The amount of electricity required to not only light a huge warehouse but to regulate the temperature is astounding. Let us consult with you on lowering your carbon footprint and doing your part to go green.

CBD and Hemp Flower

We are asked all the time for hemp and its related products. We have relationships with all kinds of different companies doing all sorts if amazing things to bring this plant back to American citizens.

Company/Product Launches

Whether you are launching a new product or expanding into new territories, 0420 Inc. offers promotional programs tailored to your specific goals. We help clients build, test, and implement scalable sales strategies that take you to the next level.

Cannabis Compliance Programs

Compliance issues are some of the easiest ways to lose an active license or permit. Make sure you’re not the next operation to get shut down or fined for ignoring city and state laws that you agreed to follow.

Kitchen Appliances/Supplies

Putting together a commercial kitchen with the intentions of competing in your field can be a daunting task. We have a one stop shop for everything you’ll need to set up and maintain your endeavor.

Increasing Margins

The magic formula to staying profitable as more and more competition floods the market. We have angles on numerous sectors that will greatly benefit your bottom dollar.

Genetics and Clones

Fire in, fire out as we say here in the world of legal cannabis. Starting off your grow with top notch genetics will always give you a head start. Get your harvests started out right each and every time.

Business/Industry Strategies

Nothing sets us apart better than our ability to strategize on a higher level than anyone else out there. Whatever you are dreaming of in your head we can help you expand it beyond what you thought possible.

Click Funnels

Click funnels are an ideal way to capture visitors to your company’s website. Capturing that information in a way that allows the visitor to dictate the terms is priceless.

We’ll be happy to help out and solve practically any canna-related issue that arises or at the very least refer you to the company that can do it. Each day brings new discoveries for us and we are always pushing ourselves to learn more. We are willing to roll up our sleeves and do the dirty work to achieve a better understanding of a task or to acquire a more refined set of skills to achieve the best results possible. No matter what situation you find yourself our team is here to ensure the outcome is always in your favor.

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