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0420 Inc.’s cannabis marketing and consulting services are both unique and effective. We are one of only cannabis marketing teams that promotes with earned media and recruits and cultivates advocates to promote it for you. We understand that the goal isn’t always the sale but rather the continued support of happy patrons. As such, we can supply you with the best marketing strategies and assets to attract an audience and keep your brand front and center.

There are three main avenues through which we help brands market themselves: earned media, events, and promotions, and cannabis business consulting. Whether you need help with one or all three of our 0420 Inc. services, we’re ready to help!

Earned Media and Branded Assets

With so much happening online, we often forget that the cannabis community is right in front of us. Indeed, the cannabis community is part of our neighborhoods, friend circles, and family gatherings. As such, it only makes sense to use those scenarios as opportunities to promote cannabis brands. To be clear, offering customers and fans tangible branded goods (as opposed to digital assets) increases the likelihood that they will share those assets with the people in their communities.

Our favorite way to go about this is with branded cannabis apparel. Stylish clothing like hoodies, tee-shirts, and one of a kind ugly sweaters can act as walking billboards backed by trustworthy sources: patrons and peers. Businesses can share apparel with their employees, sell them in stores, and offer them as prizes for social and email campaigns. Other branded assets that can help generate earned media include stickers, lighters, pens, and more.

04:20 Events and Promotions

0420 Inc. is more than a leading cannabis marketing company; we are active members of our local cannabis communities. We thrive on events and social gatherings, having mastered successful event-based brand promotions. For example, many of our clients rave about the success they see following our Spa Days, which target demographics specific to the brands involved. Indeed, the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere of these private events encourages attendance and creates fond memories through pleasurable experiences.  Though 04:20 Inc. events slowed during the COVID pandemic, circumstances have allowed us to fine-tune our 420 promotional events services. Consequently, we have a firm understanding of local cannabis event regulations and an expert team of 420 event planners. We can host events on behalf of your brand or organize events in which your brand can participate. We’d love to share our latest endeavors with you! Contact us to learn more.

Cannabis Business Development Consulting

Cannabis marketing is only one aspect of a successful 420-friendly business. As cannabis community members-turned business owners, we know first-hand the complexities that cannabis company start-ups face. Moreover, we love to share our knowledge with fellow industry members.

As such, 0420 Inc. proudly offers cannabis business consulting services, as well. We can help you navigate business development, regulatory protocol, financial projections, and more. Notably, our expert consultant team can help resolve any of your cannabis business-related inquiries to help guide you toward cannabis business success.

0420 Inc. Services Closing Thoughts

0420 Inc. is proud to be your go-to source for unique cannabis marketing strategies and assets. Our close ties with fellow industry players help create a cohesive connection between our clients and our community by building unforgettable memories – and awesome swag to prove it.

Contact us to learn more about 0420 Inc. services or follow us on Facebook for news and updates.

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