Toll Processing

Toll processing is an on demand processing service to produce CBD concentrates or oil from your hemp flower and/or raw biomass. We can also have your crude oil winterized and finished as a distillate or, at its final stage, an isolate.

Hemp Toll Processing Services

Processing Hemp and CBD begins when it’s being harvested. Proper methods and aftercare are paramount to a strong start. Next is drying, curing and trimming hemp biomass or hemp flower to ensure that cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved for extraction.

This is a vital part of the industry as so many farmers simply do not have the knowledge to finish the processing of the final CBD product properly. That is where we come in: helping you make the right connection for the desired finishing technique you’ll need.

We have contract manufacturing labs in place that can process your high CBD flower or hemp biomass into full spectrum oil, distillate, isolate. We can have it finished as crude as well as have it winterized. Many times we will send off crude to be winterized or have the winterized oil finished as isolate.

Once you have your finished product in hand, you can either wholesale it outright or have it used as an ingredient in a retail product. Toll processing services are available throughout the hemp world and being knowledgeable about CBD toll processing is a wise move for any farm.

Toll THC Removal Services

Toll THC removal services are crucial to ensuring the finished product can leave the state it originated in and land on ones that are in a state where it hasn’t even been grown yet. Processors use chromatography to remove THC from CBD oil or distillate to achieve a low THC (<0.3%) or non-detectable THC (aka zero THC) product such as THC free distillate. The refined product can be sold or sent for contract manufacturing to be packaged and ready for retail.

Toll Processing Splits

Toll processing splits are available as well, where we process your hemp flower into a refined product like distillate or isolate in exchange for a split of the total amount yielded. This is a very good option for farms that have just started up or are a bit strapped for cash. It is also a great option for processors that have the ability to get CBD products sold quickly because they end up making more than if they were just charging to finish it a certain way.

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