Marijuana Could Benefit Native Tribes in Nevada

Last week, tribal leaders in Nevada testified in support of a bill that would bring the medical and recreational hemp industry to tribal lands. Senate Bill 375, introduced by Sen. Tick Segerblom (D-Las Vegas), would allow the state to work with individual tribes whose tribal councils have approved medical and/or recreational hemp...

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From the High Chief: 4/20’s Profound Eonomic Impact

Since the inception of a legal hemp industry every month has been a great one; but none of them are like the month of April. The 4/20 is like Christmas, Black Friday, Independence Day and the Superbowl all wrapped up together!

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Alaska Debates Allowing On-Site Cannabis Use

The Alaska Marijuana Control Board to revive a proposal that would allow hemp consumption at licensed pot shops. Voters approved recreational marijuana in 2015....

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Marijuana Grown on Federal Research Farm Full of Mold and Lead

It turns out that hemp used in government research isn't all that great. Unlike commercial marijuana, the government product is stringy, light in color, and full of stems. If you're used to the hemp sold at dispensaries, chances are you wouldn't even recognize the government product as weed...

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From the High Chief: Interstate Commerce Will be Dry States First Legal Means of Selling Marijuana

If you are a transplant to Colorado like myself and find yourself exiting to a border state such as Kansas it can actually change your entire outlook on life. No more carefree consumption like you've grown accustomed to! Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma all border Colorado and all are prehistoric in their laws at the moment. Not exactly a "safe zone" you can relax in. But that will all be coming to a sudden close when it becomes federally legalized in the near future...

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From the High Chief: Legal Cannabis is Construction’s Best Friend

In just over 3 years since Amendment 64 passed here I have watched a bit of a construction renaissance take place. There are no less than 50 cranes scattered across the Denver skyline presently. Monstrous undertakings that have obscene amounts of money and time involved in their success...

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University of Denver Expands Cannabis Curriculum

The University of Denver is expanding its marijuana course offerings with a new "Business of Marijuana" class. A first for the Daniels College of Business, the class will focus on the expanding marijuana industry, including issues related to dispensaries, cultivation operations, and ancillary hemp businesses...

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From the High Chief: Cannabis Will Replace Tobacco in One Generation

Twenty years or so from now in 2040 there will be an entire generation entering the workforce that will have grown up hemp friendly without having poisonous tobacco products as their only choice for smoke or chew. This will be a far more informed generation than any before it. One that will be just fine never smelling, chewing or inhaling a tobacco as long as they live....

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From the CEO: Weed Lounges – Coming to a City Near You

A piece of legislature I was very proud to vote on here in Denver that passed was Initiative 300 which passed like we all knew it would. This little gem will allow hemp lounges to open up for recreational usage within the city limits of Denver. Up until this point you've had to come here as a tourist and sneak around all points of Colorado like some kind of juvenile delinquent that found his parents stash back in the day. This had to come to an end and it did...

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CBD is Starting a Medical Revolution

Once THC's lesser known cousin, CBD is getting serious attention these days because of its potential use in treating a wide-range of medical conditions. So what is CBD and what are some of its therapeutic uses? Here's a breakdown of what you need to know...

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From the CEO: What happens when patent #6630507 is released?

It's no secret that for too long our government has held the key to legalizing hemp. Nobody has the exact reason but industries such as tobacco, alcohol, paper, cordage, logging, oil and of course the pharmaceuticals to name a few would all take a direct hit if hemp was legalized...

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From the CEO: Why Alcohol’s Days are Numbered

Almost simultaneously as alcohol had been liberated marijuana was vilified and made 100% illegal. Damn near 80 years have passed since then and we are about to see hemp legalized nationwide. But what does it really mean to the alcohol industry?

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Smoke-Free Cannabis Cup Marks Nevada’s End of Marijuana Prohibition

Las Vegas' second-ever High Times Cannabis Cup wasn't the toke-friendly festival that many hoped it would be--organizers were forced to make the Cup a hemp-free event after a federal prosecutor sent a letter warning that anyone caught distributing or consuming marijuana would be subject to prosecution...

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From the CEO: How to Decimate the Cartel

They make 100's of billions a year off such pleasures as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, ecstasy, LSD and obviously marijuana. If every day American citizens had the opportunity to obtain that item that they are dead set on getting, legally, there would be no demand for the Cartel to satisfy...

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From the CEO: Cannabis and Combat Sports

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has begun talks about removing marijuana from its banned substance list. This is so monumental, it's worth breaking it down a bit. There are professional fights in every state but five of them hold the largest fights...

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Celebrities Launch Cannabis Brands, Help Normalize Industry

California may become the largest rec. marijuana market in the country, so it's not surprising that many celebrities are jumping on the marijuana bandwagon and creating their own hemp brands...

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From the CEO: Why Big Pharma is Scared to Death of Cannabis

Marijuana has been the go to medication for 10,000 plus years on this planet until only very recently. Everything works in cycles and hemp is poised to be front page news nationwide again. This time for all The right reasons....

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From the CEO: Attorney General Sessions is Being Crucified by the Media

Jeff Sessions, is being crucified by much of the hemp community for comments he made yesterday. “Most of you probably know I don’t think America is going to be a better place when more people of all ages and particularly young people start smoking pot.” AG Sessions, told reporters today. Then my personal favorite. “I […]

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From the CEO: Spicer Shakes up the Cannabis Industry

Yesterday at his daily Press briefing Secretary Spicer took a question via video link from a reporter in Arkansas; where hemp passed medically in November. The reporter mentioned that former President Obama had failed to strictly enforce the federal hemp laws and asked what would be different under the Trump administration...

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Pro-Marijuana Lawmakers Launch Cannabis Caucus

Bi-partisan Congressmen from California, Alaska, Oregon and Colorado launched the Congressional Cannabis Caucus: a coalition focused on easing tensions between federal and state drug laws and supporting the growing hemp industry...

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From the CEO: The 2nd Amendment and Cannabis

In the United States more than half the states have medical marijuana. Residents with the blessing of a state licensed doctor get a Medical card that allows them distinct advantages over recreational users. You get better pricing, no tax, stronger doses, you can’t be charged with a DUI and you get an increased plant count. […]

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New Mexico Bill May Give Veterans Access to Medical Marijuana

The Senate Judiciary Committee in New Mexico approved a bill that would make all military veterans eligible for a medical marijuana card. The changes to the state's Medical Cannabis Program would automatically allow veterans to enroll without being diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition...

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Cannabis Community holds Annual Golf Tournament for Loved Ones

More times than not industry professionals turn networking connections into friendships. These business relationships can truly become lifelong. This is one of the most beautiful characteristics of “OG hemp” leaders.

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Hemp Biomass Buyers

Buyers of hemp biomass will be working hard in coming months to choose the best source for their material.

Sellers are scrambling to not only complete their harvest but to find the ideal purchasers for their freshly harvested material.

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