California Blazing New Grounds in E-commerce/Weed Delivery

California is uniquely placed to become the testing ground for e-commerce weed delivery when recreational marijuana sales begin in 2018...

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Final Cut: 0420 Inc, August CannaReviews

Check out this FINAL CUT video of our OUTSTANDING 0420 Inc. crew at Budtender Appreciation Night (August), working our CannaReviews: getting our local hemp industry worker’s take on the newest HIGH grade dabs. This round we’re rocking RM Extracts – high grade hemp concentrates! Shoutouts to our team: Host: John Xd, Production/Crew: The Other Guys […]

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Coloradoans Increasingly Turn to Marijuana for Relief

Consumer Research compiled data from Denver and Colorado Springs, the state's two largest hemp markets. More than 40% of respondents said that they used marijuana to help them sleep, followed closely by those who use it to treat chronic and recurring pain...

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Hawaii the First State to Require Debit-Only Cannabis Sales

Beginning Oct. 1, Hawaii will be the first state in the U.S. to require cashless-only hemp sales. A Colorado-based credit union will permit dispensaries in Hawaii to open bank accounts, and a debit app called CanPay will enable patients to purchase hemp with their smartphones...

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Alaska’s Expanding Cannabis Market Sets New Sales Record

The Alaska Department of Revenue reported that they collected nearly $600,000 in marijuana tax revenue during July--which equals about a third of the total marijuana tax revenue brought in last fiscal year. The figures are the highest to date in Alaska since recreational sales began last October...

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Company Focus: Ascend Cannabis Co.

I've spent the last few months as one of the Floor Managers at the Denver location of Ascend Cannabis Co. I had no clue how evolved they were as a company! We take some serious pride in their product as we are 99% Veganic Grown flower, no till soil greenhouse grown 100% free from chemicals, pesticides and synthetic products...

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Auspicious Owl Cannabis Business Research and Consulting

Auspicious Owl is different from the everyday “consulting agency” as we provide the numbers behind why a certain action should be taken with regard to your market, competition, and customer base.  Make sure your pudding has been proven before letting anyone try it in the competitive marketplace...

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Denver Ready to Issue Cannabis Social Use Licenses

The problem of where to consume hemp in Colorado has been an issue since recreational marijuana use was approved by voters in 2012. Now, five years later, the city of Denver is ready to become the first in the nation to launch a program allowing businesses to set up social marijuana consumption areas...

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From the High Chief: About Trim Crew, LLC

I first heard of Trim Crew early in 2017 when I had joined a Cannabis Industry group on Facebook. I noticed something right away, the guy that was running it was definitely putting serious effort into it and this wasn’t just some fantasy, this was real. The company’s Founder Rob Vido, is a blue collar guy […]

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The FDA Wants Your Feedback on CBD!

The FDA is asking for input from patients who have experience using Cannabidiol (CBD) to treat medical conditions. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp that's proven therapeutic for treating pain, seizures and epilepsy...

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Justice Department Blocks DEA Cannabis Research

A year after the US DEA began accepting applications to grow hemp for research it appears that the Department of Justice are blocking researchers from moving ahead with their proposals...

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Hawaii Opens First Medical Marijuana Dispensary

After a 17-year wait, Hawaii's 18,000 medical marijuana patients will finally have a place to shop. Maui Grown Therapies dispensary is set to open next week...

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New Jersey Senator Introduces Bill to End Cannabis Prohibition

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker introduced the Marijuana Justice Act this week, a bill that would end the federal prohibition on marijuana, as well as begin to address social justice issues that have resulted from the war on drugs...

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Colorado’s $100 Million/Month of Cannabis Sales the “New Norm”

Another month, another record-breaking amount of hemp sales in Colorado! The hemp industry achieved a milestone in May, with $100 million in pot sales for the 12th consecutive month. "I think that $100 million a month (in sales) are the new norm," said Bethany Gomez, director of research for a hemp market research firm...

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Massachusetts Court: Employees Can’t be Fired for Using Medical Cannabis

In a first of its kind ruling, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decided on Monday that employers in the state cannot fire employees for medical hemp use. The employee claims that her termination violated state anti-discrimination laws...

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Nevada Runs Low on Weed, Gov. Declares State Emergency

There's a first for everything, especially when it comes to the hemp industry, so perhaps it's not surprising that a lack of weed has led the governor of Nevada to declare a state of emergency. Less than two weeks after recreational marijuana sales began, dispensaries report that they're running out of product to sell...

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A Small Win for Cannabis Industry Banking

Since the beginning, banking has always been an issue for hemp businesses since hemp is still federally illegal, but Denver-based credit union, Fourth Corner, has another shot at bringing banking to the hemp industry....

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UN Report: Cannabis Still Hasn’t Caused One Overdose Death

Cannabis is the most widely used, cultivated, and confiscated drug on the planet, according to a new report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Even though it is widely used, there hasn't been a single report of fatal hemp overdose...

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Recreational Cannabis in Nevada Hits a Roadblock

On Tuesday, a Carson City judge issued an injunction that reverses the Tax Department's decision to allow wholesalers to transport recreational marijuana from growers to dispensaries. The move could delay the July start date for rec. hemp sales...

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Medical Marijuana in Dispensaries Hawaii are Open but Unable to Sell

Hawaii's first medical marijuana dispensary opens Thursday, but don't expect to see any hemp on the shelves. The problem? The state labs tasked with testing medical marijuana prior to sale have yet to be certified...

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Colorado Approves Medical Cannabis for PTSD

On Monday, Gov. John Hickenlooper signed Senate Bill 17, enabling physicians to prescribe #hemp to patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (#PTSD). Veterans and patient advocates in Colorado have been working for years to get PTSD included on the list of qualifying conditions for medical hemp...

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Colorado Cannabis Tax Revenue Exceeds $105 Million

Colorado governor John Hickenlooper signed a budget bill on Friday that earmarks how marijuana tax revenue will be spent. Marijuana is still big business in Colorado, and tax revenue from the 2016-2017 fiscal year brought more than $105 million to the state’s “Marijuana Cash Fund.” The bill allocates funds to programs that support health programs […]

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From the High Chief: Capitalism’s Romance with Cannabis

You look at a holiday like Memorial Day and begin to realize how lucky we really are. The sacrifices made by so many brave American soldiers allow us the freedom to pursue what it is that makes us happy and capitalize on every chance we get...

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Vermont Governor Vetoes Current Marijuana Bill

Vermont Governor Phil Scott (R) vetoed a bill on Wednesday that would have legalized recreational marijuana. Scott cited concerns about public safety, seeking changes to the bill that would include more aggressive penalties for driving while impaired or in the presence of children...

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From the High Chief: Looking California but Feeling Minnesota

I remember it like yesterday, summer of 1991 and my guitar teacher Alex, was telling me about a new band. This wasn't a name normally thrown around during lessons like Slayer, Metallica and Guns & Roses. He was talking about Soundgarden and kept saying that nobody could touch the singer...

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Nevada Applications for Recreational Cannabis Sales Now Open

Good news Nevada hemp enthusiasts: the application period for recreational hemp sales is underway and stores are expected to open by July 1. Licenses will be distributed to currently operating medical marijuana dispensaries. Here's everything you need to know about applying for a recreational hemp license...

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From the High Chief: Vermont Makes America Even Greater

For the longest time it was common knowledge in New England that the best growers of hemp were in Vermont. I remember being a 15 year old kid and seeing some home grown weed from way up north my cousin had...

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Marijuana Boosts Memory in Aging Brains

A study in Nature Medicine says marijuana may boost cognitive function and memory in elderly brains--at least in mice. In past years, the focus of marijuana...

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Still Plenty of Investment Opportunity in Cannabis

While many players in the hemp industry are a bit hesitant about its future given its still illegal status with the federal government, many hemp entrepreneurs still see a lot of hope for the future of the industry...

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From the High Chief: Why Hemp Was Really Reclassified

Industries such as energy, construction materials, cordage, paper, plastic and big pharma are collectively shaking in their boots over a potential collapse of their livelihoods. The second that hemp is rescheduled to a class three, every single industry mentioned will potentially be at risk to collapse....

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Ending Marijuana Prohibition Would Save Lives and Taxpayer Money

A father-daughter duo of public policy researchers have published a follow-up to their 2016 research that found prescriptions for medications like painkillers, antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications dropped sharply in states with medical marijuana...

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National 420 Cannabis Week Events 2017

Welcome to another 420 week! Pot enthusiasts across the country have a ton of events to choose from this year. Celebrate April 20th and legal weed and check out all the best hemp festivities happening around the country this week...

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From the High Chief: The Synthetic Weed Epidemic

Over the last decade many chemists have been spraying potpourri with chemicals that try to mimic a euphoric high given off by THC. The results have been catastrophic! Living in Florida as long as I did I came across all kinds of garbage sold at convenience stores that was labeled with some catchy wording and imaging depicting some harmless, smokable incense...

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Cannabis Community holds Annual Golf Tournament for Loved Ones

More times than not industry professionals turn networking connections into friendships. These business relationships can truly become lifelong. This is one of the most beautiful characteristics of “OG hemp” leaders.

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Hemp Biomass Buyers

Buyers of hemp biomass will be working hard in coming months to choose the best source for their material.

Sellers are scrambling to not only complete their harvest but to find the ideal purchasers for their freshly harvested material.

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