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Hemp is now federally legal with the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill by President Trump and it has sent shockwaves throughout the entire world. It is no secret, the best hemp in the world is grown right here, and with the passing of the Farm Bill, it puts America in position to supply the entire planet with premium hemp products grown by American farmers.

Opportunities in Hemp

Many financial experts forecast the hemp industry out performing the recreational hemp industry in the near future. The shear number of uses alone and the ability to not only be sold all across the USA, but internationally as well, will make that possible in our eyes. Investors are thirsty for the competitive edge and knowledge to take their capital and place it into a venture that will pay off in a big way.

Let’s take a look at 10 of the most common or sought after hemp products and how to approach them:

  1. Hemp biomass: the main source that is used for product extract and it falls under the classification of fuel since it can be converted into an energy source. There are numerous ways of handling it once it is pulled from the ground, but “biomass” is the term the industry has taken to. It can be milled or shucked as a finish and most orders are for thousands of pounds at a time.
  2. CBD isolate: hottest seller currently across America. It’s the main ingredient in the majority of every edible and vape pen. It’s isolated molecules of cannabidiol in its purest form and it takes the most steps to finish it in this way.
  3. Full spectrum oil: Includes minor traces of every cannabinoid and has what is referred to as the “entourage effect” due to the properties of the whole plant being available. This tends to be ideal for tinctures and its bio-availability allows it to absorb into the bloodstream quickly for a systemic release of the medicine if it’s ingested that way.
  4. CBD distillate: a translucent oil that still has other cannabinoids in it. It’s extremely versatile and is what is usually the base for different waxes, oil pens and edibles. It is a highly sought after finish if it is free of THC, or at least under the limit of .3%. It is always sold for top dollar because of how rare it is.
  5. Hemp processing: Billions are being spent on the equipment alone right now nationwide and there is no end in sight. Many farmers run into a problem right away by not knowing exactly what to do with the biomass after they’ve harvested it. We can process hemp by sending your harvest in the right direction for the desired result you’re looking for.
  6. Hemp seeds: what goes into the ground counts and the yields are directly tied to genetics many times. Sourcing the right strains can make all the difference for your business. Make the right choice and obtain premium genetics to ensure your crop gets a good start from day one.
  7. Hemp farms: where it all starts and the backbone of the industry. American farmers have suffered greatly for decades and now there is an opportunity for them to take a portion of that and grow industrial hemp. We can put a plan in place for you to learn what to do to turn your property into a thriving hemp farm.
  8. Hemp clothing: the next gigantic fashion movement will not be a style, it will be a material. There is a saying that where “most clothing wears out, hemp clothing wears in” and it becomes more comfortable as time passes.
  9. Hemp plastic: the solution to single use plastics that are piling up at almost an unstoppable pace. We’d love to see more innovative in this area as we know what kind of impact it will have on the world.
  10. 2018 Farm Bill: the piece of legislation that makes it all possible now. Farmers can get insurance, banks can accept the revenue and credit card processing will be easy to obtain for retailers.

Simply put, there is far more demand for the product than there is a supply of it and as a result, there are more investment dollars being sunk into hemp than anyone sees on the surface. While recreational hemp is glamorous, industrial hemp is a blue collar plant that has a million purposes, and because of that alone we have dedicated a large portion of our workforce to this industry specifically.

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