Ancillary Services

Ancillary services are expanding at a phenomenal rate in the hemp industry. With more options now than ever before, owners are being courted by companies offering a specialty service to solve a certain challenge facing them. We have experience launching new businesses and/or amplifying existing ones in an entirely new manor. We have partnerships with companies and venues that are hemp friendly and have helped catapult numerous hemp companies into the stratosphere with their strategic industry events and massive community. We help you leverage their pull to help put you in the best environment to succeed.

Marketing Opportunities for Ancillary Businesses

Budtender Appreciation Night – The ultimate industry night in Denver. Put your company in front of over 500 industry workers that sell consumers face to face. There is no better event to achieve brand awareness in Colorado!

Cannabis Buyers Club – A B2B event with attendees being screened at the front door. Only ownership and purchasing managers from dispensaries, grows and manufactures are attending so it is the ultimate showcase for your products to be consumed by the people that make the decisions.

Dab & Dine – If you are a concentrate company or an edible manufacturer this event is by far your best opportunity to have an audience in a private setting consume your products in beautifully presented courses.

Career Fair – Looking to staff your company with the most talented base of industry workers in North America? The Denver market is packed with the most experienced industry professionals. Many are willing to leave it for the right opportunity elsewhere.

Email marketing – We have compiled one of the deepest and most complete list of individuals and companies involved in the Cannabis industry. We tailor email marketing campaigns to specifically fit your needs. If you want to target CEO’s and executives we can do that as well as target the budtender populations, extraction facilities and the licensed growers. Whoever you want to target, we can put our sights right on them for you!

Services for Industry Entrepreneurs

Are you an individual looking to put yourself front and center at ground zero for hemp industry knowledge as well as access to the movers and shakers that are evolving this industry on a daily basis? We have the location for you to excel and expand among individuals like yourself. Nothing is more valuable than being in the right place at the right time. Follow right in our footsteps and rub elbows with the best in the business on a daily basis. There is a misconception that in order for you to get into the industry you need a million dollars. That is the furthest thing from the truth and our very own Founder and CEO started out doing trade show booths for a vaporizer pen, agreeing to 100% commission only, with no guarantees that any money would be made. It wasn’t all about getting a sales at that moment, it was about building a network and looking for the next opportunity that would come up.

The more you interact with ownership and upper management the better shot you have at getting a legitimate chance to pitch them your services, concepts and ideas without being hurried through your pitch or dismissed before it even say a word. There is no company on the planet that understands how to network among the hemp industry elite better than we do. Walk along the exact path we just blazed directly into the center of the industry with a team you can call upon in any situation that will help guide you through it. Nothing is more valuable than being in the right place at the right time. Follow right in our footsteps and rub elbows with the best in the business!

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