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Grow room consultants are in high demand as every single owner is seeking an advantage due to such fierce competition surrounding them. There are so many variables that go into a successful operation that it is hard to have the exact same process from grow to grow. Some grows are fully enclosed, others are indoor greenhouse, and some are outdoors. Each type of climate requires its own modifications and adjustments to be optimized. Every grower is a little different than the next and genetics plays a huge part in the quality, potency, and yield of a harvest. Knowing how to dial in a system at 10,000 feet above sea level is totally different than dialing one in Florida or Massachusetts. The variables are huge, and a cookie cutter system will be the demise of your entire harvest and operation.

Consulting a grow room that is already operating is a completely different project than starting one from scratch because of all the variables. Usually, the conditions are not ideal, so having to adapt a strategy to the current system and improve upon that takes seasoned professionals, not amateurs. Keep in mind what kind of long-term damage happens when a harvest is wasted. There are only so many days in the year and having a large portion cut out of them can make or break a company’s bottom line come year end. Making sure that never happens–or if it does minimizing the damage as quickly as possible–should be a priority. Many grows are riddled with powdery mildew, spider mites and all kinds of other things that can destroy your product and reputation as a reliable source for quality cannabis. Setting standards and instilling good practices within your company will ensure quality and quantity every single time.

Experienced Growers

Finding a grow room consulting firm that knows what they’re doing is rare, but it is quite possibly the best investment your grow can make. You will continue to hear about the cost of wholesale cannabis dropping year after year. That is true, but the operators that produce the best flower command the highest price, and in many states can be sold at about double than average. Those growers are not experiencing any of the issues like the ones that produce bottom shelf quality flower. It’s never a bad time to grow if you know what you’re doing, and lucky for you this can be taught to you and practiced religiously by yourself and your team.

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