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So, how do I get started in the cannabis industry?

Great question! Your first step is getting legally licensed and receive your badge to be able to handle cannabis products.

In Colorado, this process is handled by the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED). ALL states require that you MUST be a resident of that state in order to receive a badge. You’ll need a state driver’s license or an ID as proof and typically you’ll need to bring in a utility bill from an address in your state, or a credit card statement, a pay stub, or any other document that proves your address.

Next, if you can prove you’re a resident of the state you’re applying to, you’ll need to meet some requirements.

In the state of Colorado you MUST:

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Have never been convicted of a felony related to the possession, distribution, or use of any controlled substance.
  • Have not served a sentence, including probation or parole, of any felony in the last five years.
  • Not be a licensed physician making patient recommendations.
  • Have never had your authority to act as a primary caregiver revoked by the state.
  • Not be the spouse or child, living in the house with any employee of the MED.
  • Not be a police officer, sheriff, deputy sheriff, or prosecuting officer.
  • Not be an officer or employee of the marijuana state licensing authority or a local licensing authority.


Do you meet those requirements? Great! Your next step is to apply for your MED badge.

There are two types of MED Occupational Licenses:

  • Support Employee: Necessary for any employee that handles a cannabis product. Examples are: Budtender, trimmer, grower, extraction specialist, transportation, security, etc.
    (Cost $75)
  • Key Employee:  Necessary for employees that make operational or management decisions that directly impact the business.  An example of such an employee is a master grower that determines what or how much of a particular strain to produce or an individual whose decisions have a significant impact on the business and its operations, but does not have an ownership interest in the business.
    (Cost $250)

Both license types are good for two years from the date on which the license badge was issued.
Apply for a MED badge


Find a Badge Office

Depending on where you live, you’ll have to submit your application to a different MED mailing location. Different MED locations have different turn-around times for how long it takes you to receive your badge. Check out the location closest to you, or visit a location with the shortest wait time:

We list 4 Badge Offices(s)!

Please zoom the map or choose from the following options to narrow your search by your location:

Distance Within: of ADDRESS

Colorado Springs

1030 South Academy Blvd. Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80910

[3] Weeks


Denver Office

1697 Cole Blvd., Suite 200
Lakewood, CO 80401

[1-4] Weeks (varies greatly depending on the time of month)

Grand Junction

632 Market Street, Suite G3
Grand Junction, CO 81505

[10] Days



275 South Main Street, Suite 101
Longmont, CO 80501

[3-4] Weeks


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