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The role of consultants are evolving right before our eyes, and they go by a few different names depending on where you are. MMJ consulting and canna business consulting are just a few of the popular phrases typed into Google. Many results bring you to sites that will help you obtain your licensing as well as provide you with standard operating procedures. Those are great for starting up the business, but that’s all they’re doing.

There are so many pitfalls and mirages to be wary of and often first-time canna businesses fail as a result of them. There is nothing more valuable to a canna business owner in this industry than extensive prior knowledge of what to anticipate as they start up. That’s our duty to every single company we partner up with; to make sure they have all of our wisdom and experience right at their fingertips along their journey.

Ensuring Success

Modern dispensary consulting projects are entirely different now than they were in 2014 when the recreational market began in Colorado and Washington. MMJ consulting in emerging states where medical has just been voted in is booming. Owners know that legalizing medical marijuana is the precursor to recreational sales. Making sure their entire operation is dialed in as soon as possible is paramount to a successful launch in the first year of business. That is the make or break year for so many companies. A few bad harvests at your grow, and you are labeled as mediocre at best. That’s the kiss of death for so many grows. If your dispensary has a reputation for being unfriendly or the place gets known for bad product, you can count on patients driving 5 or 10 minutes further away to get premium medicine and service. There is simply too much competition around to act like there are no other options for patients.

Being a legitimate dispensary consultant is far more detailed than it was a few years ago. Here are ten unavoidable tasks you’ll be encountering while operating or building a dispensary:

  1. Full training of staff at all levels. This is a huge task all by itself. Having a harmonious relationship with the team is crucial to getting them to perform their best. Making sure that you have your company’s core beliefs instilled early will help to define an employee’s role and help them to understand what caliber of company they are with.
  2. Brand development: this alone will make or break a company. Having a bad name with a terrible logo will cause a potential customer to avoid you no matter how good your products are. So take time and hire someone that will obsess over every detail when it comes to developing your brand properly.
  3. Strategic SEO approach to position your company as one of the top spots on search engines for common searches as well as some more specific “long tail” keyword phrases that may have a huge payoff for you.
  4. Vendors will frequently be in your store throughout the week. What’s your best way of dealing with them? What will be your company protocol for sampling products? These are things that must be addressed right away.
  5. Wholesale is one of the most difficult and tricky aspects of the industry. Making sure that you are buying top-notch flower and not stuff loaded with mites and mildew is harder than it sounds. Both of those are invisible to the naked eye and learning what signs to look for comes with time and experience. Making sure you’re not overpaying for product is also a tricky thing to learn. Having someone well seasoned on your side will help prevent that.
  6. Point of sales software applications have a very important role in your business. Without it functioning right everything slows down. We know what works well and what doesn’t. Do not be sold by a good salesman on bad point of sales software.
  7. Human resources are a vital part of any legitimate operation. Without HR set into place the entire company suffers.
  8. Security camera set up will be mandatory in any facility. Taking into account every single spot and having eyes on it can be a daunting task for any first-time owner. How many will you need and where are the going to cover?
  9. Security team hiring or company security officers will be paramount to ensuring the safety of the clientele and staff as well as being a deterrent to any attempts. Peace through strength is the best philosophy to take when you are setting up your company’s defense systems.
  10. Deliveries will be a constant at your dispensary. Those could be anything from 50 lbs to 50 different samples throughout the week. If you are unorganized, there will be a lack of communication between your side and the vendor, which is never good. Keep in mind that deliveries are often the most vulnerable time for dispensaries, so having a system in place to ensure safety and efficiency should be the main goal.

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