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Security and the Cannabis Industry Recently, the Colorado cannabis and hemp industry have experienced multiple robberies of licensed facilities which include both retail marijuana centers and cultivation facilities across the state, as well as hemp farms: are your security systems and personnel up to standards? Continue reading Security and the Cannabis Industry at CannabisAmp.
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Overqualified in the Cannabis Industry Cannabis industry careers are among the most sought after lines of work in North America and it seems that people from every area of the country are eager to obtain a position in the legal cannabis industry. If there isn’t a ladder they will build one, in the pursuit of[...]
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Cannabis is Our Business… and Business is Good!

We hope this website, it’s content and ability to solve problems becomes your weapon of choice on your quest through the toughest challenges you or your company will face. We make all the right connections for you and make sure you’re making the right moves. We are the Cannabis industry …

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Canada Legalizes Recreational Marijuana Nationally

Canada legalized recreational marijuana on Tuesday, becoming the second country in the world to end cannabis prohibition. The Cannabis Act legalizes marijuana possession, home growing, and adult-use sales…

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