Sales Team Building

There is almost nothing more valuable than an outstanding sales team for your company to rely on when you get started in this ultra-competitive industry. The skills and knowledge necessary for the cannabis industry aren’t taught at your local community college (yet), so staffing this entirely new industry means working with many different skill sets. With an ever-changing rule book and new regulations coming one after another, having an intelligent and efficient sales team to move your product consistently should be one of your top priorities. You can have the best product in the world, but if you don’t know how to sell it, you will end up storing it on your shelves. Acquiring the top cannabis consulting firm in America to develop your company’s sales strategy is one of the wisest decisions you could make.

Sales Team Training

Give your current team the competitive advantage it needs to not only close big deals but to keep that product continuously selling. Anyone can sell someone once but building a long-term relationship with a dispensary that sells your product is priceless. The fact of the matter is this: competition is fierce, and you will be up against other companies fighting for the very same shelf space. Those companies will eventually find a way to outshine your product with a better price or a stronger dosage; it’s inevitable. Arm your team with the ideal cannabis sales training philosophy, so they know how to deal with these kinds of inevitable scenarios. The only bad situation is one you’re not prepared for, and we can assure you that if you own or operate a cannabiz, something will come up sooner rather than later.

Sales for Dispensaries

Dispensary owners are the only people actually selling retail to the public. Manufacturers and grows are only allowed to wholesale to dispensaries, no retail sales of any sort. The budtender is the person doing all the face-to-face selling for your company. They often end up doing customer service depending on the questions they are being asked. The majority of crews are trained really well on products and different delivery methods; they can talk indica and sativa all day long. They can break down the ingredients in the edibles and the methods one would use to vaporize a concentrate with ease. Will that approach result in your register consistently ringing up high dollar purchases? If your staff is trained to observe everyone that walks in as an opportunity to make a big sale your business’s reputation will suffer. However, a team of oblivious budtenders will allow thousands of dollars to come right into your business and leave without any attempt to make it change hands. Arm your team with a face-to-face cannabis sales training philosophy that will serve your company long into the future. This will be teachable to any future team member and will always ensure the perfect balance between caregiver and closer.

Sales for MIPs

Manufacturers (MIPS) are the most versatile organizations in the cannabis industry. Oils, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and drinks are what make up the majority of manufactured products and each year new categories emerge. This is where selling weed gets complicated. Ten years ago the majority of the world hadn’t even heard of indica or sativa. Most of us were just happy our dealer didn’t get pulled over as they left our place. Fast forward a decade, and you are in a place now where you have every possible method of delivery for the medicine. Obviously hiring a person that believes in your company and product is the most important thing to do. After the honeymoon is over, you will need to turn that believer into a closer for your company. Manufacturers have the most complicated deals to do because of all the infinite possibilities. They do business with both dispensaries and grows, and each one has its own totally different path to success. Ensure your team has a thorough and specific cannabis sales training philosophy instilled in them from the beginning, or if the wheels are about to fall off, make the right move and get a system in place that works every single time.

This industry is all about big sales and being a true opportunist will get more of them for your company. No matter how thinly sliced something is there will always be two sides to it. Your company sales philosophy should be built around the idea that there is always something there if you look at it the right way. If you take those steps, you will have a team in place that keeps you higher than you ever thought possible. 0420 Inc. strives to be one of the top cannabis consulting firms in existence, and our passion is your company’s performance.


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