Member & Badge Holder Benefits

Why get badged and become a member of 0420 Inc? We’ll tell you!

Whether you are current badgeholder or seeking to enter the industry teaming up with us will be your wisest decision. We are committed to your success and your ongoing education as your journey continues.

Cannabis companies have numerous products that need to be produced, marketed and sold. Since there are major restrictions on how advertising can be done many of them find it all too difficult to draw awareness to their brand.

The best in the business will be collaborating with us to properly instruct, educate and advise our members. As we continue to grow our plan is to constantly provide material that is both relevant and cutting edge. From lighting and ventilation to concentrates and vaporizing and everything in between.

On our members behalf we will constantly be seeking and negotiating for the best possible deals, discounts and events across the country. These will be exclusive only to a badgeholder with 0420 Inc.

Get badged and your options open to try one of these new cannabis professions: 


The person that is actually selling the product retail and conversing with a consumer. Needs vast knowledge of the products available and the effects. Will be interacting verbally and counting money. Must be very efficient and likeable. Extroverts will excel.


The person that is responsible for cannabis from seed to sale. Needs vast knowledge of very specific practices. Does very little interaction with the public. Introverts are naturals at it.


The person responsible for fine tuning the flower before it is ready for sale. This is tedious/repetitive work that is essentially the same routine every day. Needs very little knowledge of the industry, just has to follow instructions well.

Extraction Specialist

This is someone on the same level or possibly a bit higher one than the grower. The are taking flower or trim and turning it into some form of concentrate to be consumed or utilized in an infused product such as a drink, edible or tincture.


This sector of the industry is expanding fast. This can be for a contracted company or you can be doing it for the company itself. Shipments are leaving MIP’s and Grows daily. Having your own reliable transportation and a clean driving record put you in line to have constant work. Needs very little knowledge of the products and cannabis.

Armed Security

This position is ideal for ex-military, police and bouncers. You must be able to handle a firearm and own your own. Be very alert and conscious of surroundings. High risk position as any robbery attempt will immediately put your life in danger. Needs very little knowledge and most times are drug tested and can’t consume cannabis anyways.


Has far more responsibility than any budtender. Must do inventory, cash register, accounting and is usually responsible for opening and closing. Must have a KEY BADGE to open and close.

Front Desk/Receptionist

A receptionists duties and responsibility could include greeting guests, checking in medical patients and recreational clientele, verifying ID’s from all over the world and inspecting their legitimacy, answering telephone calls and managing the facility’s patient base. Sharp minded and quick thinking individuals that are able to engage with others tend to shine in this position.


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