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Cannabis industry jobs are some of the most coveted of all right now in North America. Between Canada fully legalizing it nationwide, and the blistering market in the U.S., it is safe to say now is the time to put everything aside and get involved. There are many different sectors of the industry that pay well and many of those jobs require a deep education and lots of experience in the field. Many of the entry level jobs are fought over the hardest, and even though there is a high turnover that allows for frequent opportunities, there is eventually a limit on how much money you can earn. What we have found out is that there is ample opportunity and huge income potential with commission sales.

Cannabis Sales Job Opportunities

Cannabis sales jobs are the best kept secret in this billion dollar industry right now. One large account can take care of your monthly bills and still you’ll still have plenty left over. We know this because we’ve landed those accounts before and are maintaining them currently. There are often issues for many applicants when faced with the idea of being thrown overboard and being told to sink or swim. There is no safety net to fall upon when you slip up and that scares many people away from trying it to begin with. Unlike working in a laboratory or extraction facility where a degree is often mandatory, sales does not require one and lucky for you, it can be taught rather quickly to someone that is humble and willing to learn.

With that said, cannabis sales jobs are definitely there for the right person. We specialize in finding the best individuals for companies seeking sales professionals that are able to prospect, close and maintain accounts as well as come in with an outstanding base knowledge of cannabis industry sales. That saves a company time and money by not having to spend months teaching industry fundamentals to someone that should be out looking for the next deal. The ideal sales professional for a cannabis related job will have a few similarities.

These are topics that tend to give that individual a better chance of succeeding:

– Least Important Most Important +
Trustworthiness: paramount
Durability: able to weather the storm
Reliable Transportation: crucial
Thick skin: ego gets left on your pillow.
Teachable: become a student daily
Punctuality: be there when you say you will.
Healthy appearance: looks can kill a deal. Put your best version out. Body language. Good Hygiene!
Great ears: listen twice as much as you talk.
Determined: how bad do you really want it?
Courteous, polite and respectful.

We are actively seeking individuals that fit this description. We are extremely picky on who we will hire for our company and we feel that you should be too if you’re hiring. When someone is obtained through us you can rest assure that they are a very capable right away and all that will be left to do is train them on your own individual product line and company history. Contact us and get yourself or your team the competitive edge it needs to succeed selling weed!

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