What is Canna Content?

Canna Content is essentially its own classification in regards to marketing in this industry. There is nothing else you can compare it to because of all the restrictions involved with opening a licensed cannabis business. There are states that have cannabis 100% illegal, some are just getting medical, and a handful of states are fully recreational. Recreational states like Colorado and California have numerous stipulations in place that handcuff companies in so many different ways. However, having a strategy in place that takes full advantage of what that particular state allows is a huge advantage for the company developing their own canna content and should continuously be developed as laws change.

Cannabis Content Creation In Colorado

In Denver, there are so many stores off Broadway street, AKA The Green Mile. Many of them survive by their methods of cannabis content found on the internet via social media, a dispensary listing website, or their company website. There is simply too much competition for them to sit back and expect the line to go out the door. The ones that do act like that do $20k a week through their register and can barely survive. There are only so many prime locations, and many landlords won’t do business with a cannabis company. So many times these spots open in areas that don’t have tons of traffic passing by or a stop light to force them to stop and look around. However, there are numerous spots tucked down deep inside industrial parks that keep their spots consistently making good money, week after week simply by maintaining quality content for their current and new customers.

Original Content

With cannabis content under constant evolution, you need to do your due diligence on how you’ll be marketing your company before you think about opening your doors to the public. A proper launch begins with a well-thought plan beforehand, and if done right, it will bring people through the doors who will continually frequent your business year after year. When someone enters your business for the first time, it’s your golden opportunity to capture their attention. Keeping it is entirely different and an art form all by itself. Consumers get bored with the same old thing, and we are always searching for more interesting, informative and engaging things to do that will keep us entertained or further education. Making sure that your company website is packed with brand new, fresh content that flows properly and uses the right keywords is key to making a great first impression. If you are using terms nobody knows and not taking the time to explain them to the reader, they will find the answers on someone else’s platform, and you’ll lose their attention fast.

Step by Step

So how does a company in the cannabis industry develop their style of cannabis content that not only keeps the attention of viewers but builds brand loyalty that will translate into revenue generation?

It’s a combination of four things that will allow that to happen to your company:

  1. Original content. Don’t use other company’s content. Make your own.
  2. One main platform. Establish your site thoroughly and don’t sink so much into platforms that can be shut down for cannabis content.
  3. Consistent delivery. Slow and steady wins the race. Don’t give up and burn out.
  4. Long period of time. People need to keep seeing you do the same thing to build trust. It takes effort to build a successful self-sufficient marking campaign.

Those four things completed with passion and a willingness to engage will build your company a base audience ready to listen to any message you’d like to tell them. If you are in an ultra-competitive market like Denver, Seattle, Portland or Los Angeles, it will do you some good to start differentiating yourself as quickly as possible from your competitors, especially the ones nearby. Focusing on a specific style of content on a single platform and then delivering it consistently over a year’s time will work 99% of the time. The average person can focus on about 20 channels of information. So what are you going to do to ensure you become one of those selected channels that captures the attention of the viewer again and again?

If you’re not an expert in the field, you should outsource it to a professional who knows how to build it the right way. When you hire 0420 Inc. to do the job, you will have given that task to the most capable and dependable company of all. A company that will already know what you are talking about before the conversation begins. When you bring us into the mix, your company gains the most valuable asset possible, and that is our unmatched amount of wisdom for you and your staff to fall back on as you navigate through a very tricky set of laws put in place to allow you to operate legally.

Keep it Interesting and Don’t Give Up!

We’ve seen so much happen in the last few years here in Denver from a “boots on the ground” point of view that our team has collected a vast ocean of knowledge that is unmatched anywhere on the planet. Growers, extractors, compliance, budtenders, security, management, ownership and plenty of other sectors give us an intimate knowledge in so many more areas that will help you down the line in ways that you may not even be able to see yet. Leave the development and management of your canna content to us and focus on what you need to do to move your company forward as efficiently as possible.

Each company is different, and every location is different. Choosing a team that doesn’t use a cookie-cutter approach to your marketing would be a huge help in getting a competitive edge in your area. We would approach the spot right off the highway differently than the one tucked away in an industrial park on the outskirts of town. Canna content is a science that is tested on the battlefields of legal cannabis day after day. You would be best served by the generals and troops that have been through it all in the most mature and evolved spot, which is Colorado and more specifically, Denver itself.

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