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Shortly after selling a vaporizer pen for a company looking for amplification at events throughout the Denver Colorado hemp community, 0420 Inc. was formed in January 2016. The team would routinely dominate events where smoking was limited to outside only; leaving vaping the only indoor option. It was a perfect lure for concentrate companies looking to get their product in the lungs of consumers circulating the events.

It wasn’t long before company founder Anthony Sabia was being courted by several different companies to sell their products directly in the exploding Colorado market. That opportunity set off an explosion in sales; along with exposing many of the operational and regulatory inconsistencies, it had revealed so much about how the industry was operating.

Our Mission

Our entire philosophy had evolved from selling products, into helping these companies not only solve problems plaguing them but helped them thrive on numerous fronts. It has been almost three years of constant hustling for us and we have definitely figured out numerous ways to monetize this industry. Along the way, we have met and befriended many brilliant minds in the state that started it off for the entire world to witness – Colorado. Some of those people have chosen to come on board and take this company to an entirely different level than was first conceived in December 2015. A dream team of experts has been created and we see ourselves as a beacon of light for entrepreneurs and enthusiasts that want to break into the industry. We seek the competitive edge which is so difficult to obtain because of the lack of consistent information and content currently available.

As we complete our third full year of operating in Denver, Colorado our sights are set higher than ever. We have so much in store for any professional with an entrepreneurial spirit looking to make things happen. If you currently own or operate a hemp or hemp related business, we will become both your sword and shield as you engage in the most competitive and highly contested industries on the planet. It’s going to get tougher and more competitive as time goes on. With Canada legalizing recreational throughout the entire country, there’s no doubt the hand of the United States to move swiftly in 2019 to keep up with its northern neighbor.

Why Join With 0420 Inc?

Don’t sit back and be reactive to the changing times and ponder why you didn’t capitalize on a golden opportunity that was right in front of you. Be proactive, you have the shot right now; make the right moves and connections to ensure you do not miss the boat that is about to set sail! Will you be on that ship or will you be left standing on the dock wondering about what could’ve been? You have to ask yourself:

“How badly do I want it?”, and if the answer isn’t “More than anything I’ve ever desired”, then this opportunity isn’t for you.

If it is: you’ll quickly come to the realization that this company was designed specifically with you in mind and we can’t wait to collaborate with you!

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