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About 0420 Inc.

About 0420 Inc. – 0420 Inc. is a ground-up cannabis marketing and branded apparel company founded on relentless hustle, determination, and that amazing Colorado fire. We have connected countless cannabis brands to their ideal audience since our 2015 inception and are poised to help many more carve their unique place in cannabis culture.

Notably, our large industry network and wildly effective cannabis and hemp marketing strategies can help cannabis businesses reach incredible heights. Pulling from years of old-school sales experience, we’ve learned that the best cannabis marketing strategy is good ol’ word-of-mouth. Best of all: we know exactly how to get people talking.

So, what is it about 0420 Inc. that cannabis marketers love so much? It starts with our foundation.

About 0420 Inc. : Our Foundation

Founder Anthony Sabia launched 0420 Inc. in January 2016 to find a way to get into the scene in Colorado and it worked. We’ve connected endless cannabis businesses with customers and other industry professionals since then. With decades of sales experience and a passion for the plant that saved his life, Sabia vowed to create the most dynamic and resourceful cannabis marketing, consulting, and apparel company the world had ever seen. All he needed was time and patience.

Since then, he has built and self-funded one of the most robust cannabis business consulting and marketing companies in Colorado. Often dubbed “the people’s dealer,” Sabia is more than a cannabis marketing and business consultant. He is delivery driver and salesman with his sleeves rolled up doing the dirty work on the highest possible level to this day.

Current Standing

0420 Inc. has turned the cannabis marketing sector on its head. While many other cannabis marketing companies focus on the incredibly competitive landscape of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), 0420 Inc. takes a different approach. For example, they often host industry events, collect influencer connections, and design authentic branded cannabis apparel. As such, they help brands focus on “earned media,” or marketing assets that fans and consumers promote instead of the brand itself.  

0420 Inc. also conducts thorough industry research to help guide brands during their pre-paid consulting services. Our team of experts works diligently to ensure all information is accurate and complete to help ensure companies have all they need for successful cannabis business development.

About 0420 Inc. : Outlook

0420 Inc. was an early player in the legal cannabis space and is poised to stand tall for many years to come. We use industry trends and innovative ideas to stay ahead of the market, adding items and services to our portfolio well before they saturate the market. As such, our offerings are always cutting-edge to help amplify our industry partners and players.

Sabia’s most recent endeavor is a psychedelic-focused information website and directory called Psychedelco. The North America-based website synthesizes important psychedelic information and references to help readers stay abreast of the quickly changing legal psychedelic landscape. The Psychedelco platform includes information about operational clinics, publicly-traded psychedelic companies, psychedelic therapies, and more.

Final Thoughts About 0420 Inc.

0420 Inc. is the industry’s most beloved cannabis branding apparel and marketing company. We create marketing assets and other branded materials that encourage fans to become both patrons and brand ambassadors. Our innovative earned media marketing strategies have helped countless cannabis companies reach a wider, more dedicated audience, and we’d love to help you, too.

Contact us to learn more about custom apparel or our cannabis business consulting services.

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