Top 3 Sources for Smokable Hemp Flower in 2019

Smokable hemp flower is about to sweep the nation shortly after the 2019 harvest. A record number of farmers have made the commitment to grow their hemp with the intention of selling it as smokable grade flower.

Up until last year high CBD CBD hemp was scarce and difficult to purchase in large quantities. This year, the majority of growers are consciously thinking about harvesting in a completely different way than they had prior.

Rather than sell the material off as simply biomass, smart farmers are handpicking the “tops” and other prime cuts off the plant and setting it aside to be sold at a completely different price point that if it was sold as biomass.

Smokable grade hemp vs Flower that would be sold as biomass

It’s very difficult to answer this because technically almost any of it can be smoked, but does that mean you want to inhale it? You can light a pile of used tires on fire to get smoke; but are you going to want to breathe it in? Coming from the THC industry where everything is about quality and presentation, I’m appalled at what some operators are putting into a bag and offering it up as “smokable” flower.

So much of the hemp industry revolves around the fall harvest, so in months like June, July and August- the majority of what is available is all from the prior year. If that stuff is stored improperly, like so much of it is, you are purchasing material that has most likely drastically degraded in potency.

Simply put, it’s the best buds on the plant from the very top. Those cuts, plus a very sound method of trimming, storing and maintaining the flower is what we are mean by CBD hemp flower.

Outdoor Grown Smokable Hemp

This is going to be the most abundant method used to grow hemp this year. It is also the most prone to things going wrong. The sun doesn’t get evenly distributed like it does indoors. Depending on where you are, there can be days without enough light. With all that being said, there still is going to be plenty of farmers putting out phenomenal products to be labeled “smokable” hemp.

Indoor Grown Smokable Hemp

Greenhouses offer a much better set of conditions to grow smokable grade hemp flower. By keeping Mother Nature, at arms length, you create an environment that is prime for producing with less complications. If supplemental lighting is added into the mix, then you can produce results almost as good as a fully enclosed grow facility. When selling smokable flower that came from a greenhouse, you can charge a little more money per pound than sun grown hemp.

Fully enclosed, indoor grows will produce the best smokable grade hemp test results harvest after harvest. Those operations able to fully control the temperature inside and manipulate the lighting. These opportunities can work wonders during the cycle of the plants. Almost all THC grows are indoor and the quality speaks for itself. The very young hemp industry started mainly outdoors and greenhouses were used for seedlings and clones until very recently. Indoor grown CBD hemp flower will be something you end up paying a premium for this year.

Smoke shops, head shops and convenience stores

Smoke shops, head shops and convenience stores are all currently stocking it on their shelves in most states nationwide. Some have ruled against the sale of it completely. Others have given it a few stipulations. States like Tennessee, Oregon and Colorado are about as wide open as you can get with it.

The prices are equivalent to the regulated THC markets in Colorado and Oregon. 1/8ths retail between $25 to $50 depending on what part of the country you are in.

This price point has farmers doubling down on their efforts to produce top quality smokable flower. This will have the consumer leading the market purchases through quality.

If you thought you had heard CBD oil a million times the past few years, buckle up for the ride with CBD hemp flower. It will be everywhere in a matter of months. There will be an explosion in demand and supply before 2019 comes to an end.

If you need to source high quality smokable flower contact us directly for immediate options!

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