Hemp Production Possibilities

Hemp Production Products

With tens of thousands of acres of hemp growing in 2019 the possibilities of hemp end products is literally endless. The realistic potential of hemp based products is exponentially larger than most have anticipated. Many farmers have been transitioning from other agriculturally productions into hemp. As certain operations move into the science behind the strains, choices in plant breeds are becoming more specific to end product production plans. We may have a few months in several states before grow season is over but if you are considering growing hemp the first step is deciding what you’re going to do with it.

Most Popular Hemp Productions


Hemp Biomass can contain all parts of the plant.

Biomass is the most popular end product from hemp because its versatility. With hemp biomass products such as hemp fiber, hemp biofuel, and hemp based concentrates. Biomass can be profitable when the quality is in a desired range. Some would say growing for strictly biomass purposes allows for the excessive versatility in end product productions. 


Extraction Products

Hemp oil extracts have become number one sellers nationally.

Extraction products like CBD isolate, full spectrum oil and hemp concentrates, can be created using hemp biomass or hemp flower. Hemp flower can also be considered biomass when it is not separated and processed separately. Depending on the quality of the hemp and the desired hemp derived product, the decision of what parts of the plant are most usable is made.



A retail size bag of hemp flower.

Hemp flower is growing in popularity across the country.

Hemp flower is growing in popularity in many areas. Consumers are finding relief using hemp flower instead of, or in combination with, hemp flower that contains THC. In some states trimmed CBD hemp flower has the same retail price as legal hemp flower. To the naked eye most can not tell the difference between hemp flower (under 0.3%) and hemp flower (over 0.3% THC).


Hemp Fiber

Hemp fiber is gaining ground in the textiles industry.

Fabrics made from hemp have gained renewed popularity since the crops’ great revival. Well known brands such as Levi’s as well as a slew of both US based and other country based clothing producers have begun making everyday clothes out of hemp fiber. Some have even made it to global high end fashion markets. Using hemp instead of cotton drastically reduces the amount of water used during controlled grows, thereby making hemp a more sustainable choice.



As hemp genetics grows its understanding and knowledge of hemp strains, certain strains will be more highly desired in each market of end products. As each market influxes individually and cooperatively, the genetics will also. Hemp seed genetics are extremely important when it comes to maximizing the profitability and sustainability of such a bio-diverse plant.


Those who grow to produce seed, seedlings and genetics access have to remain at least one step ahead of the demands in order to provide the highest demand strains for the following grow season.

Knowing what your end products are helps guide the rest of the grow season.

Know Why You’re Growing

When the grower knows what market they are growing for, they can locate strains with the most desired qualities. In the instance a farmer is unsure of what their end product, is there is big chance lots of profit is not being captured. If a grow is able to provide products to the largest purchasing demographics in the industry, they have an opportunity to maximize their profit.

Are you are ready to begin a hemp grow or get involved in the industry in some other way? Contact 0420 Inc and get a consultation from experts in the industry.

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