Hemp Events Across the Globe

Hemp Events Across the Globe

While it seems each day there is another industry event, because there is; it is important to be knowledgeable about opportunities and events that provide much needed education and networking. While many events are held locally in Colorado there are expos and conferences in every corner of the globe.

The World CBD Awards

July 17-19, 2019

Barcelona, Spain


With the anticipated growth across the CBD industries, Compare CBD believes it is more important than ever to self-govern and establish standards. the World CBD Awards recognizing achievement and identifying companies that strive to stand out as clean, ethical and innovative.

Sustainable Agriculture and Conservation!

July 31, 2019

Boulder, CO


The Boulder Cannabis Industry Meetup is an educational and free monthly event for individuals that are currently in the medical or recreational Cannabis or Hemp industries.

Heart and Soil Pow Wow

August 30, 2019

Denver, CO


Some of Denver’s finest brands in the cannabis and hemp community are joining forces as a group of like-minded individuals, for a fun-filled industry and networking fundraiser. This event will provide a platform to establish new connections while sampling high quality hemp and THC products from the most reputable brands in the industry.

Actionary Steps to Global Health With Hemp

September 18, 2019

Denver, CO



Her Many Voices Foundation (http://hermanyvoices.org) joins with the Posner Center to provide practical information on the ways in which hemp is revolutionizing international aid and development.

2019 Hemp Business Summit

August 12-13, 2019

Portland, OR



The 2019 Hemp Business Summit will provide an educational and networking opportunity for those currently in or soon to be entering the industrial hemp industry.

Product Earth Expo 2019

August 23-25, 2019

Warwickshire, UK


Product Earth Expo-Fest is totally unique in the UK, being the only Hemp, CBD and Cannabis event that highlights the complete business ecosystem of this amazing plant, its many varieties, derivatives and uses. From agricultural, industrial, medicinal and recreational, to production, wholesale and retail, it is the leading UK showcase for this rapidly evolving and exciting industry.


Transforming Hemp to Healthcare and CBD to Commerce

September 24, 2019

New York, NY


The Erba Verde Group will present the first global Hemp & CBD Summit, with a focus on the growth and impact of CBD on health, wellness and the economy.


International Medical Cannabis Conference for Health Professional in Mexico

October 31- November 1, 2019

Mexico City, Mexico


International Medical Cannabis Conference for Health Professional in Mexico aims to disseminate and clarify the potential and benefits of the medicinal use of the cannabis plant, through the exchange of knowledge, research, publications and case studies, to be taken into account as a natural alternative treatment and improve the quality of life of the patients.

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Press Release: Heart & Soil Pow Wow

Cannabis and Hemp Community Event to Be Held August 30 at Tetra Lounge
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