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Many Denver visitors come for the consumption aspect of our lovely town, and a question that comes up often: But where do you go to consume your goods and enjoy the magical city for all it is as a fellow stoner?

If you have ever traveled to somewhere popular for the first time, you understand the gravity of how overwhelming planning the itinerary can be. So for consumption friendly events open to visitors check out the 0420Inc.com Events Calendar and see where the smoke is heavy!

For Colorado locals like myself, we have been provided the great gift of enjoying both the medicinal and recreational benefits of hemp products in the comfort of our own home. We are also seeing a recent influx in social consumption events. So far this year, the 0420Inc.om team has had the pleasure of hosting multiple consumption-related gatherings.

We are excited to talk about what events we’ve hosted, and what we have coming up on the hemp and hemp calendar!

Our most recent, and extremely successful – Cannabis Spa Day on March 23, 2019. It was a premium example of how we create a safe and friendly environment for consumers, and stoners alike. People came to enjoy some of the best vendors in the THC and CBD industry from all over the country. From CBD infused facials and massages, Reiki, and spinning the wheel to win a free medicated box of Newt Brother’s Artisanal chocolates; we had something fun and relaxing for all consumers to enjoy. Our Spa Day events have been a opportunity to bring the hemp and hemp community together.

Open Consumption at 04:20 Inc Spa Day

Primal Healing Representing at 04:20 Inc Spa Day


The event is focused on creating a therapeutic networking experience targeted to relax the body and soul.


Utopia Wellness at 04:20 Inc Spa Day

Working with a variety of vendors and sponsors in the area. We are excited to continue growing our industry network to the highest potential possible! We are also proud to be working with a new sponsor, Gruvi. A product that is going to help take the hemp industry to a new level. A non-alcoholic terpene-infused beverage that’s loaded with flavor, and finishes with a nice “stoney” feel. Gruvi is now serving the Denver-area. You’ve got to try one of these delicious tasting Prosecco or IPA’s one of our upcoming events!

Along with hosting relaxing spa events, we’ve also started working with the newest open-consumption lounge in Denver, Dean Ween’s Honeypot Lounge.

We have been throwing the first of its kind, an open consumption chess tournament. Play chess, while enjoying your favorite concentrate, in a personally selected dab rig meant just for you. Our Mile High Chess (Not Checkers) Championship events have been growing in popularity. It also has been filling the desire to smoke at a chill place, while playing games and having fun with your friends.

Anthony makes his move!

Ready for Chess (Not Checkers)?










We also began hosting a comedy night called Tokes & Jokes. Getting high already makes most of us laugh more, so imagine listening to some live comedy while you dab it up.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for pictures and upcoming events!

Enjoy a few rips before some gut busting laughs!

Dean Ween’s Owner Michael Polanksy conversates at the consumption bar.


Are you in the industry and want to be a part of one of our upcoming events? Shoot us an email and let’s start working on building a fantastic event!


Looking to throw a hemp or hemp event in Colorado? Contact us today and be sure to follow our newsletter to stay up-to-date on events coming up in your area!

We’re working on events all over the United States!

See you at the next one!


0420 Inc Event Coordinator

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