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Ending Marijuana Prohibition Would Save Lives and Taxpayer Money

A father-daughter duo of public policy researchers have published a follow-up to their 2016 research that found prescriptions for medications like painkillers, antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications dropped sharply in states with medical marijuana...

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National 420 Cannabis Week Events 2017

Welcome to another 420 week! Pot enthusiasts across the country have a ton of events to choose from this year. Celebrate April 20th and legal weed and check out all the best hemp festivities happening around the country this week...

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From the High Chief: The Synthetic Weed Epidemic

Over the last decade many chemists have been spraying potpourri with chemicals that try to mimic a euphoric high given off by THC. The results have been catastrophic! Living in Florida as long as I did I came across all ...

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Marijuana Could Benefit Native Tribes in Nevada

Last week, tribal leaders in Nevada testified in support of a bill that would bring the medical and recreational hemp industry to tribal lands. Senate Bill 375, introduced by Sen. Tick Segerblom (D-Las Vegas), would allow the state to work ...

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From the High Chief: 4/20’s Profound Eonomic Impact

Since the inception of a legal hemp industry every month has been a great one; but none of them are like the month of April. The 4/20 is like Christmas, Black Friday, Independence Day and the Superbowl all wrapped up ...

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Alaska Debates Allowing On-Site Cannabis Use

The Alaska Marijuana Control Board to revive a proposal that would allow hemp consumption at licensed pot shops. Voters approved recreational marijuana in 2015....

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Cannabis Community holds Annual Golf Tournament for Loved Ones

More times than not industry professionals turn networking connections into friendships. These business relationships can truly become lifelong. This is one of the most beautiful characteristics of “OG hemp” leaders.

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Hemp Biomass Buyers

Buyers of hemp biomass will be working hard in coming months to choose the best source for their material.

Sellers are scrambling to not only complete their harvest but to find the ideal purchasers for their freshly harvested material.

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